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MotionPoint: Effortless Website Translation for Travel & Hospitality

Without a world-leading solution, keeping pace with ongoing web localization is daunting at best—and impossible at worst.

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Sheila Prevaly

April 18, 2018


When you’re building the websites that help power the global travel industry, you know you must speak to your customers—be they either individual travelers or businesses—in the languages they prefer.

But keeping pace with the endless website localization tasks is daunting at best … and downright impossible at worst.

That’s why you need a website translation partner that removes the technical and organizational complexity from the process, and makes it easy to organize, manage and deploy your website translation projects.

That way, you can focus on driving traffic, bookings and creating amazing user experiences. MotionPoint is the answer. Here’s how we make it simple.

You need a website translation partner that makes it easy to organize, manage and deploy your website translation projects.

Easy on Your IT Team

Your technology team has enough to do already. Burdening them with cumbersome translation projects, tech integrations and additional development won’t help.

MotionPoint’s proxy translation solution is designed to entirely remove those burdens from your IT and technology teams. We’ll handle your website translation project from start to finish, including identifying the translatable content, routing it to our expert translators, and seamlessly re-integrating it into your site with zero development work needed from your in-house teams.

And don’t worry about integration with your back-end website systems. MotionPoint’s proxy approach operates independently of your technology stack. That means that we can seamlessly work with your existing CMS, content distribution networks, booking engines, reservation and payment portals, or other technology without a problem.

Better still, our solution will work with any platform you use in the future. Redesign or re-platform your website whenever you like. MotionPoint seamlessly keeps up.

MotionPoint works with any content platform. Redesign or re-platform your website whenever you like—MotionPoint keeps up.

More Than Just Translation

Most website translation vendors ask you to manually provide them with your website’s translatable content. From there, they translate the content and give them back to you to manually re-integrate into your site.

This demands time, effort and resources from your team—which translates into increased costs.

MotionPoint is different. Our solution is fully turn-key, which means that our teams handle every aspect of the translation process so you don’t have to.

We don’t just make the technical side easier; we make the entire project less of a hassle for your marketing teams, too. Our solution also:

  • Accurately scopes your project
  • Manages the translation process
  • Adjusts translations or word choice to accommodate your unique website design templates
  • Ensure ongoing translation quality and site uptime
  • Automatically identify and translate new content as it appears on your site

We’re truly a partner in the process so you can keep your travel business doing what it’s meant to do: help people book their global travel plans.

More Expertise

In addition to translation expertise, MotionPoint’s teams leverage international SEO and UX best practices to make your customer experience the best it can be.

Our professionals make sure your translated content is optimized for global search engines by using localized phrases that appear more frequently in regional searches. This boosts your global sites’ SERP … which means your hard work gets clicks, engagement—and bookings.

MotionPoint’s teams leverage international SEO and UX best practices to make your customer experience the best it can be.

We can also customize your site’s UX and content to accommodate local needs. This includes using locally-preferred lingo, publishing market-specific imagery and promotions, and supporting local currencies. This boosts engagement and conversions.

MotionPoint’s proxy technology also plays nicely with all of the important marketing and operations technology you use today, from A/B testing engines for your content to your inventory management systems. You can continually test and refine your customer experience. Your translated sites will seamlessly evolve.

Plus, all the content you translate with us is stored in your own translation memory database, which means you can easily access and use that content for your multichannel marketing and campaigns.

Whether you’re running a social media promotion for holiday travel, or split-testing an email campaign for a rate discount to drive off-season hotel occupancy, all of your localized content can be easily repurposed using MotionPoint’s powerful proxy—at no additional cost to you.


With MotionPoint’s fully turn-key translation proxy, translating your website for all of your international audiences can be as easy as you need it to be.

You have a global business to run, and travelers who are depending on you to help them design a business trip or a vacation quickly and easily online.

Serve your customers in the language they prefer, and make it easy on your teams so you can focus on what you do best: building a travel site that’s better than the rest.

Last updated on April 18, 2018
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