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Omar El Ali

October 02, 2017

How MotionPoint Reduces Complexity for Customers

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key, worry-free solution helps you avoid the technical and operational minefields of website translation.

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Omar El Ali

October 02, 2017

In the hands of an inexperienced vendor, website translation projects create as many problems as they solve. The fallout can be devastating:

  • Unexpected expenses
  • Delays in implementation
  • Botched or poor translations
  • Poor user experiences
  • High bounce rates
  • Lost customers and revenue

Website translation is complicated stuff, and stymies most localization vendors. But MotionPoint is different. Our technology and turn-key approach tackles the operational complexity of website translation in thorough and cost-efficient ways. Here’s how.

Inexperienced vendors with undercooked solutions can make website translation projects more trouble than they’re worth.

Technology Integration

When it comes to website translation, your CMS—which probably features multilingual capabilities—will fall short during the rigors of day-to-day operation. Further, “connectors” that integrate your CMS with a vendor’s translation database can regularly fail. Both are:

  • Ineffective: They lack the process and workflows to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Blind to Design: Because the translation is all automated, there’s no consideration given to how translated content will appear on the page
  • Error-Prone: Few CMSs offer change-detection technology, meaning content can fall through the cracks or wait weeks to be translated
  • Myopic: Because they only translate copy in the database, it misses content stored in applications or on other servers

MotionPoint’s solution operates independently of your CMS. It sidesteps technical challenges, saving you time and effort.

These problems are eliminated by MotionPoint’s turn-key, proxy-based solution. Because our technology operates independently of your CMS, it’s not subject to the limitations of your software. MotionPoint’s API and TranSend® technology can handle your multichannel translation needs, too.

Our solution also makes site redesign and re-platforming projects worry-free. It seamlessly adapts to any backend updates or changes.

Elimination of Effort During and After Launch

As you make content changes to your primary-market website, your localized global sites should keep up. But most vendors can’t do that. Workflows fail or take time, and new translated content takes weeks to appear, if it shows up at all.

Further, updated content isn’t detected, leading to untranslated copy on the site that breaks the customer experience. This negatively impacts your brand reputation and credibility—not to mention conversions.

Your localized websites should keep up with the changes made to your primary-market site. Most vendors can’t deliver that.

MotionPoint’s solution eliminates those pain points. Our technology handles all the under-the-hood complexities that bog down your IT team. We have the translators and resources to handle ongoing updates, your new product launches, website redesigns and more.

You can safely focus your creativity and effort on your primary-market website, knowing we’re leveraging the work you’re doing, and keeping your multilingual sites up-to-date.

QA Processes

Operating and maintaining a translated website is very different from traditional offline translation projects. MotionPoint’s technology and translation teams handle the unique challenges of website translation, including:

Word Growth

Problem: Words and phrases often become longer in translated languages, which can “break” webpage templates.

Solution: MotionPoint’s “live view” technology allows translators to see how copy will appear on-site before it’s live. That allows them to make adjustments, preserving a site’s look and feel.

Image Translation

Problem: Images with “embedded” text rarely, if ever, get translated by other vendors.

Solution: MotionPoint’s technology flags this content for translation. Linguists collaborate with graphic designers to localize the images—all without the need of your image source files.

Translation of Metadata

Problem: Missed or mistranslated site metadata negatively impacts search engine optimization.

Solution: MotionPoint translates all metadata, and offers additional capabilities to boost organic traffic from regional search engines, and improve the on-site customer experience.

MotionPoint’s technology and translation teams handle the unique challenges of website translation.

Elimination of Overhead

With conventional website translation approaches, it takes an inordinate amount of stakeholders to get the project moving, much less working properly. Demands hail from the translation agency, internal marketing teams, IT staff, other technology vendors, design firms and others.

In contrast, MotionPoint is a single point of contact for your entire project. You talk to us and we make it happen, with 24 / 7 / 365 support.


There are enough factors to consider—and processes to manage—with your website project. Adding translated multilingual sites into the mix exponentially increases that complexity.

MotionPoint’s industry-leading approach handles all the challenges you’d expect—and the hundreds you’d never expect. Our fully turn-key solution eliminates that effort and complexity, producing localized websites worthy of global customers, and your brand.


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