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Master Lock, a Longtime MotionPoint Customer, Shares Global Success Stories

The iconic global manufacturer tells B2B E-Commerce World about working with MotionPoint.

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January 18, 2018


The Master Lock Company’s global online expansion efforts were recently showcased in B2B E-Commerce World, an imprint of the “Digital Commerce 360” news site. Master Lock has been a MotionPoint customer since 2008.

The publication interviewed Marti Gahlman, Master Lock’s director of e-commerce, for the story.

“We enter markets slowly and grow the distributor base,” Gahlman told the site. “To reach a critical mass and really grow, you have to offer a really robust website in the local language.”

MotionPoint continually translates and operates nine websites for Master Lock’s strategic global markets, such as Italy, Spain, Japan and China. Ghalman told B2B E-Commerce World that MotionPoint’s solution requires practically no ongoing maintenance—even when adding new products and content to its website.

Learn more about MotionPoint’s effortless turn-key approach to website translation, and how it’s helped Master Lock grow internationally, at B2B E-Commerce World.

Last updated on January 18, 2018

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