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MotionPoint’s Pricing Model, and World-Class Translation Quality

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October 12, 2018


When it comes to website localization, project costs are often defined by “price-per-word” translation rates. This pricing standard is usually determined by the languages needed for a project, the availability of translators, the project’s subject matter and the number of translatable words within the project’s scope.

This traditional pricing scheme might appear fair at first glance, but many translation vendors leverage it in ways that benefit their businesses, not their customers’. One key way is that price-per-word models don’t always take translation quality into account.

In exchange for low price-per-word translation rates, many vendors may employ inexperienced translators, or neglect critical editorial review or QA steps. Revising those sloppy translations—and problems they can wreak with a localized site’s UX—often end up costing a company more than if it had selected a more reputable vendor in the first place.

MotionPoint’s Approach

Like other vendors, MotionPoint charges a per-word rate for translation—but our transparent approach delivers far more value.

Our differentiator is that we deliver world-class translations within an all-inclusive price. MotionPoint includes quality assurance, editorial oversight, project management and more in our price-per-word rates. The translation price you see is the price you get. No unexpected upcharges, no hidden fees.

Dedicated Translation Professionals

MotionPoint’s turn-key solution provides every customer a dedicated team of linguists, editors and reviewers who translate their websites.

All team members are vetted, professional linguists, native speakers and industry subject-matter experts. The same team works on your project at launch and ongoing.

Rigorous Quality Control Processes

Our internal translation processes also ensure translation quality, accuracy, and authenticity through:

Glossary and Translation Style Guide Creation

At the start of a translation project, your MotionPoint translation team creates a glossary of key terminology and product names that are unique to your industry and company. They also create a style guide for localizing your brand’s voice, tone and message. To ensure our translations meet your expectations, your team can help us create these resources.

Quality Control Checkpoints

Throughout the initial translation process, your MotionPoint team conducts audits for quality and branding assurance. These quality control checkpoints involve a review of sample pages, third-party quality sampling and ongoing quality control for updates.

Multistage Review and Editorial Process

Once content has been translated, it is reviewed and revised by an editor to ensure consistency and uniformity of voice throughout the translated website.

Cost-Efficient Technology Solutions

MotionPoint charges an equitable price-per-word rate because our business model isn’t based on how many words we translate for you.

Instead, our pricing is aimed at helping you enter, grow and succeed in as many global markets as possible. Our goals are aligned with yours: We want your localized websites to succeed, so you can expand to even more markets and channels.

That’s why the cost of our solution includes technology that gets your brand into new markets, fast:

Simple Pricing: A fair, flat subscription fee covers the technology and support that ensures the ongoing operation of your site.

Industry-Leading Translation Technology: MotionPoint’s sophisticated technology enables us to launch localized websites in new markets in as little as 30 days.

Automatic Detection of New or Updated Content: Our industry leading change-detection technology delivers rapid translation turnarounds—typically within one business day.

Access to Translation Memory and Microservices: Retrieve and repurpose previously-translated content for omnichannel use at any time at no extra cost.

The Takeaway

MotionPoint’s approach and processes help ensure your website translations remain world-class at all times, at a fair price. You’ll never be surprised with hidden costs or extra fees for the services and technologies required to preserve your brand image.

The cost of MotionPoint’s solution encompasses everything necessary—including superior linguistic expertise and advanced translation technology—to provide global customers with world-class, in-language online experiences.

Last updated on October 12, 2018
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