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The Ultimate Versatility and Flexibility of MotionPoint’s Portal Translation Solution

Learn how MotionPoint’s proxy-based approach is compatible with all portal platforms, web applications and more.

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April 22, 2020


As your business grows to serve multilingual and international markets, you’ll need to localize more than your public-facing website to gain the trust of your constituents.

Translating your entire digital experience—including secure portals or login areas for customers, employees and partners—provides vital business benefits, including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement, along with reduced customer service costs
  • Higher probability of successful upsell and cross-sell conversions
  • Clear communication and training content for multilingual employees
  • Improved relationships with regional distributors and other business partners

Unfortunately, these secure online experiences use technologies that most translation vendors don’t understand and can’t localize. Choosing the wrong digital translation solution can lead to technical compatibility issues, or overcomplicate your internal processes, or drain your resources.

In contrast, MotionPoint’s nimble turn-key solution solves the technical challenges of portal translation, and eliminates customer-side effort on an ongoing basis. Let’s take a closer look.

Great Translation Requires Great Technology

Why is it so important to choose a portal translation vendor that understands not only translation, but technology? Consider the complex code and applications that power your origin portal. Depending on the portal’s purpose, it must deliver on key expectations such as:

  • Flawless performance and security, especially when presenting personalized information
  • Accurate product information for customer support, service providers and business partners, reliably delivered via databases or product feeds
  • Expedient delivery of sales and training content for employees

Those needs, and others, informed the choice of portal platform you now use. It also sparked requirements for design, interactivity and more—which were addressed with more technical integrations.

Other goals—for instance, e-commerce functionality—required even more integrations. Your portal is now tuned for your unique needs. But in the hands of underqualified portal translation vendors, your finely-tuned machine won’t function properly. For instance:

  • Portal platforms that use translation connectors experience reliability issues because connectors often break when tech stacks change
  • Undercooked solutions create technical logjams, forcing vendors to shift enormous technical tasks onto their customers’ IT teams
  • These vendors can’t properly parse website code and applications, resulting in a localized UX that malfunctions, isn’t fully translated, or both

A Solution That Plays Nicely with Others

MotionPoint’s solution is fundamentally different. It handles all of the under-the-hood complexities that make portal translation a burden for your IT team.

Our solution operates independently of your portal platform, which means it won’t interfere with its backend, technology stack or functionality. That means you can…

  • Upgrade your origin portal’s technologies and plugins
  • Update its security
  • Redesign your portal
  • Select a new platform and migrate all relevant content
  • Make changes to your CDN configuration
  • And more…

…and MotionPoint’s solution won’t get in the way. It will continually deliver service to your portal users in all relevant markets and languages.

Superior Content Detection and Parsing

The beauty of MotionPoint’s solution, and its industry-leading technology, is that it accurately detects translatable content:

  • On webpages
  • In JavaScript and complex web applications powered by Angular, React and other frameworks
  • In dynamic content fed through either JSON or XML
  • In multimedia such as images, videos and PDFs

MotionPoint is the only solution that can accurately detect content from such varied sources with consistent reliability.

This is especially true for complex single-page applications and dynamic content, which are notoriously technically challenging to detect and translate. Here’s why:

Complex Web Applications

Web applications powered by JavaScript and other frameworks use English words within their structured code, which other vendors’ content parsers mistakenly identify as translatable text (if they can detect the code at all).

When these words are erroneously translated and reintegrated within the localized instance of the web application, the app breaks. This completely derails the customer experience.

Dynamic Content

Most translatable strings of dynamically-generated text aren’t visible to end users. This invisible content—which could be hundreds or thousands of text strings—live “off the page.” MotionPoint can accurately detect and translate this hidden content.

Other vendors cannot. Even worse, their unsophisticated technologies often flag a dynamically-loaded phrase as requiring translation every time that phrase is generated, even if it’s already been translated by the vendor in the past. This sends translation costs through the roof.

MotionPoint only charges once to translate content, no matter how many times it’s used online or off-site.

Industry-Leading Technical Compatibility

MotionPoint’s solution can even detect content that’s not hosted on your servers at all, such as content hailing from third-party services. This is another capability that few vendors can deliver with much reliability—if they have the capability at all.

This means MotionPoint’s solution works in these, and many other, use cases:

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Customer support platforms
  • Employee training platforms
  • Product feeds for distributors and resellers
  • Content databases for service providers
  • Custom-built portals, legacy databases and legacy CRMs


Don’t jeopardize the business effectiveness—or the technical performance—of your multilingual portals and secure login areas by choosing an underqualified vendor.

Our technology was built with the express purpose of minimizing operational complexity for our customers. Our fully turn-key solution accommodates your technology stack, optimizes the translation process for accuracy and cost-savings—and enables you to reach any market, in any language, you wish.

Last updated on April 22, 2020
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Reagan Evans

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