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Victoria Bloyer

August 30, 2017

The Value of Multilingual Multichannel

Translating your website is a great first step, but to drive further growth in global markets, you should translate content across all channels.

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Victoria Bloyer

August 30, 2017

Smart companies understand the importance of serving their global customers with translated websites. But even the savviest organizations underestimate a key way to further increase brand trust and awareness in new markets.

Localizing your omnichannel content is critical for success in international markets. Think about its value in your primary market. There, you own a wealth of content in various channels, all used as marketing tools. Those valuable assets can be translated for use in global markets. They make all the difference in supporting your international marketing and sales efforts.

Consider localizing content in these channels, and drive bottom-line growth across all your markets:

Mobile Apps

Global smartphone and tablet adoption rates are skyrocketing—and in most emerging markets, there’s no sign of them slowing down. Companies are capitalizing on this phenomenon by creating apps that deliver more interactive user experiences than mobile websites, track engagement more effectively, and more.

If your brand has an app for your primary-market customers, consider having it translated and localized, especially for mobile-first markets. Global customers appreciate the equal attention given to their market, as well as the convenience of the mobile app experience.

Global smartphone adoption shows no sign of slowing. Use this to your advantage by localizing your mobile apps.

Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

Translating content for your global digital marketing efforts is a must. Localized pay-per-click ads, affiliate marketing, digital displays and email advertising are important channels for driving brand awareness in new markets. Longer-form content, however, is becoming more and more the centerpiece of marketing, and the main way potential customers will find your brand.

Budget permitting, translate your blogs and other SEO-rich content assets, too. These improve local search engines results, thanks to localized relevant keywords that customers use to find you online. They also provide an improved, informative on-site customer experience.

Social media posts tend to be shorter and more cost-efficient to translate. They’re a highly sharable, low-barrier method of customer engagement. Regardless of market or language, they’re a great way to drive referral traffic.

Translating blog and social posts can help boost organic and referral traffic in global markets.


Product demos, how-to videos, interactive tools and widgets are among the best ways a company can build customer trust and engagement with its brand. These assets are often artfully crafted with brand image in mind, and are meant to be entertaining, educational and sharable.

Translating videos and interactive elements transforms them into powerful marketing tools for global customers to view and share. Brand credibility, trust and engagement often soon follow.

Don’t ignore the opportunity to translate multimedia assets. These experiences build customer trust, and engagement.

Online and Offline Documents

Translating product documentation, user manuals and brochures creates assets that can distributed in online and offline channels. These documents serve as valuable resources during the sales process, or as offline assets that can be distributed at conventions and trade shows.

Further, making this content available online as PDFs or in FAQs provides on-the-ground sales reps with a library of education material. If you enable customers to also access this content, it can save on customer-support costs, too.

Localizing traditional content for digital and offline can educate customers—and help your global sales and support teams.


Translating your multichannel content sounds like it can be a drain on time and resources, but with the right translation solution, it isn’t at all. Smart and efficient technology can easily track translated content, allowing you to access it instantly to repackage and repurpose for any channel.

The best solutions provide very short turnaround times for translating this content, and never charge you for the same translations that appear across multiple channels. Translate once, pay once, use everywhere.

Global customers will never find your brand if they don’t see it where they work and play online (and offline). Help them find your brand—and keep your brand top of mind—by serving them authentic, localized experiences on all channels. These efforts will drive brand awareness, and ultimately drive conversions.


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