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Use a Data-Driven Approach to Shape Your Omnichannel Strategy

Your customers and prospects provide feedback every day about the channels that matter most to them, our EVP writes.

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April 23, 2019

Craig Witt
Craig Witt

Digitally-connected customers use email, social media, websites and a wide variety of media formats to stay in touch with the brands and businesses they care about. But is it possible to be in too many channels at once?

Yes, it is, says EVP Craig Witt in an article for Multichannel Merchant. Trying to be everywhere online doesn’t always make sense strategically, tactically or financially.

Witt offers advice on shaping an effective, focused omnichannel strategy that maximizes your effort and limited resources, such as:

  • Leverage technology to see if and where customers are engaging with your brand on social media platforms
  • Examine data to see where sales are coming from and which channels influence them
  • Optimize established channels before moving on to new ones, such as localizing your website or mobile app for global customers

Learn more at Multichannel Merchant.

Last updated on April 23, 2019

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