Consumer Insights for Fashion E-Retailers

A MotionPoint exec leverages exclusive data to showcase how seasonality affects e-commerce in global markets.

Having a nuanced understanding of a global market’s culture, geography and climate can mean the difference between success and failure for fashion e-retailers, Charles Whiteman recently wrote in Sourcing Journal.

Being fluent in a market’s seasonality is especially important, explained Whiteman, MotionPoint’s SVP of Client Services. By cleverly adapting localized website content, promotions and product stock, e-retailers can serve these new consumers in resonant, authentic ways. This increases customer trust and conversions.

In the article, Whiteman shared consumer and seasonality insights into several thriving e-commerce markets, including Germany, France and Russia.

One such insight: “Germans seem to love low-cost winter accessories, like scarves,” Whiteman wrote. “By actively promoting these products, particularly during the check-out process, a fashion e-tailer can see an overall lift in order values.”

Read the full story at Sourcing Journal.

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