Expand your global reach with unprecedented speed.

Our fast translation services deliver completely localized websites and content in as little as 30 days. It’s all thanks to industry-leading technologies, streamlined workflows, and efficient, dedicated translators.

The high-speed translations you need to drive global business growth.

With MotionPoint’s efficient website translation services—and our ability to translate new content typically within one business day—your organization can gain multiple competitive advantages in global markets.

First Mover Advantage

Beating your competitors to new global markets online generates critical gains in brand awareness and customer loyalty, and leads to higher revenue over time.

Quickly Achieve Global Business Goals

Quickly reaching business milestones accelerates ROI opportunities. It also generates new ways to expand your brand into more markets, with additional languages.

Avoid Cost Overruns

Our efficient translation process eliminates the expensive delays created by traditional translation vendors. We localize your digital content with no effort required from you.

Translations can be slow and painful. Our proxy-based solution cures that.

Translating web and omnichannel content generates unique technical challenges that most vendors can’t handle. MotionPoint’s technology sidesteps them completely.

Eliminates Complex Workflows

Legacy translation approaches require manual processes and iterative collaboration with vendors. MotionPoint’s proxy approach removes these steps, accelerating speed-to-market by months.

Easily Scales for Multiple Markets

We eliminate the effort needed to deploy new websites that engage even more markets. It takes us mere days to launch sites for markets that share the same language.

Technology-Independent Solution

Most translation solutions require CMS connectors, which demand ongoing customization and development. Our solution works out of the box, with little IT work needed.

Supports Dynamic Content and JavaScript

MotionPoint localizes JavaScript applications and dynamic content that other approaches can’t detect. Content is translated quickly, ensuring a perfectly localized UX.

Speedy Content Updates

Traditional translation methods struggle to detect content in website updates, including text and multimedia. We typically detect and translate these updates within one business day.

Cost- and Time-Saving Optimization

We charge you only once to translate a phrase, no matter how many times you use it in your content. We populate this translation wherever it appears at no extra cost.

MotionPoint’s fast translation services get you into global markets quickly.

Due to legacy business models, inefficient workflows and immature technologies, other translation partners can’t promise consistently fast deliveries of localized digital content. Only MotionPoint guarantees high-speed launches and updates.

Other Translation Approaches

The sluggish, outdated methods used by traditional vendors often lead to delays that prevent companies from swiftly engaging new global customers:

Days spent identifying and extracting content for translation

Weeks spent waiting for translations to arrive

Slow, iterative vendor revisions of content for quality and brand voice

Time-consuming processes to manually integrate localized content into a website

Repeating these steps (and others) every time you publish a website content update

MotionPoint’s Approach

We guarantee to detect, translate and publish any new website content within hours—not days or weeks. Typically within one business day:

Content is automatically detected in with our industry-leading content crawler

Net-new content is automatically sent to linguists for translation

Linguists creatively leverage the contents of a translation memory database to further reduce translation costs

Linguists then localize content using advanced translation tools that provide a valuable live view of on-page translations

Content is reviewed, revised and published

A translation solution built for efficiency and speed.

Thanks to robust technology and cultural expertise, MotionPoint delivers unique capabilities that other approaches can’t—or won’t—provide. Our differentiators ensure world-class translations delivered at industry-leading speed.

Dedicated Translation Teams

The same linguists translate your site day in and out, ensuring a consistent brand voice across all languages and markets. The result is a high-quality and high-speed translation done right the first time.

Advanced Translation Tools

Our translation software gives linguists an in-context view of your website. This saves time correcting issues that may hurt your UX, like having too many translated words that may “break” a page template.

Localized Digital Content

Deliver a comprehensive localized customer experience—including social media, emails and more. MotionPoint enables you to instantly reuse your quickly translated content at no additional cost.

Industry-Leading Content Parser

Localize every element of your immersive customer experience. Our fast translation services identify content in graphics, multimedia, applications and third-party platforms.

Instant Content Detection

Website updates are typically translated and published within one business day. Our solution automatically recognizes content changes and schedules them for translation, requiring no effort from you.

Translation Memory Database

As you continually update your origin website, our technology identifies any phrases that we’ve already translated. We instantly reuse these translated phrases, which dramatically reduces costs and improves translation speed.

We’re dedicated to your brand.

MotionPoint selects each account team member for their industry experience, subject matter expertise, and overall fit for every customer’s website translation project. Your account team works with you throughout the life of your project.

Benefits of the Proxy

Our efficient translation solution reduces costs, complexity, and time-to-market.

Industry-leading technology

Localized Customer Experience

We boost your site’s discoverability, and seamlessly offer the right localized CX to your global customers.

Deliver a relevant CX

Our Translation Process

Learn how MotionPoint selects expert linguists and technologists to oversee your translation project.

Unrivaled expertise

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