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4 Powerful Ways to Serve the Hispanic B2B Market Online

Use these best practices to create a great localized website for Spanish-speaking buyers.

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April 19, 2018


Hispanic-owned businesses are currently one of the fastest-growing segments in the U.S. B2B landscape. Yet many organizations ignore the lucrative opportunity to create a standout experience for these young, entrepreneurial, digitally-savvy buyers.

The B2B buying process is becoming longer and more complex. These days, buyers spend more time online researching and evaluating potential solutions. In fact, over 60% of B2B buyers say that a web search was one of the first three resources they use to learn about a new solution.

Over 60% of B2B buyers say that a web search was one of the first three resources they use to learn about a new solution.

Hispanic business owners are no different, and nearly all of them are bilingual, maintaining fluency in Spanish as well as English. To ensure that your B2B website experience stands out and helps them make the decision to work with your company, you need to offer them a localized website in their preferred language.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to remember when you’re building a Spanish-language site for these powerful business buyers—and how MotionPoint can help.

Leverage Proxy Translation

With so much at stake, it’s essential to choose a website translation approach that delivers a world-class experience for Hispanic business owners without overtaxing your in-house team.

MotionPoint’a proxy-based website translation solution can do that. It makes the process of translating, launching, and maintaining a Spanish-language site simple. Proxies operate independently of your website, so you’ll never have to worry that changes you make to your back-end systems will impact your translated content.

MotionPoint is also flexible and adaptable to your business, enabling your marketing team to be as hands-on (or hands-off) with the website-translation project as it wishes.

Deliver a Complete Experience

Few things can be as damaging to your globalization effort than a fractured, “mixed language” experience on a localized website, where some content appears in English and some in Spanish. This often happens when you publish new content on your flagship website, but the solution overseeing your Spanish site can’t keep up with the pace of your content updates.

The resulting subpar user experience puts your brand’s commitment to Spanish-speaking businesses in question, and can encourage them to look elsewhere for a partner. It can even land you in hot water with local regulatory agencies that may require certain content to be fully localized at all times.

“Mixed language” experiences make Spanish-speaking businesses look elsewhere for a partner – and can go against local regulations.

MotionPoint solves this by automatically detecting the content changes you make to your flagship website. It queues that new content for immediate translation, review and publication. Perhaps best of all, it stores that translated content re-use, at no additional cost. This is especially useful for multichannel content and marketing.

MotionPoint can translate all of the content on your flagship website—including multimedia content like images or graphics—or content that “lives” on third-party servers or in other applications you use on your site.

Anticipate Your Users’ Needs

MotionPoint’s technology also enables you to anticipate the language preference of your B2B buyers—which of course helps increase traffic and conversions.

Our EasyLink technology seamlessly welcomes first-time visitors in the languages they are most likely to speak. For international customers, it also anticipates customers’ other preferences, including country of residence and currency. It remembers these preferences for return visits, too, and supports compliance with laws and regulations around the use of cookies to minimize your business risks.

For your Spanish-speaking U.S. buyers, this helps directs to the online experience they prefer, effortlessly. It also keeps their attention where it belongs: on the outstanding content you’ve created—and the business value that you can provide to their company.

Preserve Your Search Engine Optimization

You’ve likely invested a great deal of time and effort already to apply SEO best practices for your flagship site. MotionPoint knows how to preserve those results for your Spanish-language site, too, and capture traffic from Hispanic-owned businesses.

We do this by leveraging hreflang tagging on your Spanish-language site, and deploying localized sitemaps. This can greatly improve your site’s rankings in local or Spanish-language search, and even reduce page-load times.

These localized sitemap XML files are regularly crawled by search engines. Their contents are regularly catalogued to present relevant results. The hreflang implementation ensures that the translated version of your site appears in search results with the same relevance and rank as your flagship site.

Seize the Opportunity

By every metric, the Spanish-speaking B2B market represents a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. economy. These entrepreneurs are looking for companies that understand their needs, want their business, and who quite literally speak their language.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to serve these companies better than the competition. Invest in a MotionPoint-powered multilingual website that can help you not only reach this powerful and dynamic group of business owners.

Last updated on April 19, 2018
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