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Give Your Regional Marketers Full Control Over Content, In Any Language

MotionPoint’s proxy-based translation solution lets hotels, resorts and other hospitality companies customize content for local markets.

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July 08, 2020


In the hospitality business, regional marketing managers want to give customers a consistent brand experience no matter where they travel. Yet they also need to provide the most relevant information for each destination. That way, guests can get the most out of every trip.

What these marketing pros need is technology that allows them to automatically translate standard content, while still giving them the flexibility to tailor messages for each locale.

More than that, they need to achieve this for static website content and dynamic site elements, as well as communications sent through other channels like emails and social posts.

That’s exactly what MotionPoint’s proxy-based translation technology enables.

Easily Translate Both Standard and Customized Local Content

For large travel brands, general website content is often much the same in any language. For instance, the main pages for a global hotel chain will convey the company’s overall messaging and visual style, along with news and offers that apply to the chain as a whole.

At the level of an individual destination, though, regional marketing managers want to provide highly localized information, imagery and media about sights to see, festivals to attend, special travel packages and specific amenities.

This also extends to room descriptions—especially if the accommodations or rooms in your French hotels differ from the ones in your British hotels, for instance.

Regional marketing managers want to provide highly localized information, imagery and media about local sights and amenities.

And then there are the complexities of content embedded in checkout modules or booking engines, whether created by your team or by third parties such as TravelClick or Expedia. Without sophisticated proxy-based translation technology, it’s very difficult—if not impossible—to appropriately customize content within those modules to reflect the prices, pictures and explanatory text that are relevant for each country, region or city.

With MotionPoint’s solution, however, you create all of your content, for either your site or your booking engine, in your flagship market’s language. We handle the rest, using translations with authentic, region-appropriate word choices to build your credibility with each local audience.

Location-Based Marketing with Proxy Translation Technology

MotionPoint’s solution allows regional marketing managers to go even one step better. For campaigns based on location and other criteria of your choosing, we can help you customize what each user sees based on their IP address.

That way, for example, you can make different offers to people who are considering a visit to Spain versus those who are accessing your site—in whichever language—from Spain.

The EasyLink™ language-detection component of our technology can also identify the most-likely language your global customers speak, and direct them to the appropriate localized version of your website for them to visit.

We can identify the languages your global customers speak, and direct them to the right localized version of your site.

This doesn’t just happen at the country or language level, either. It’s one thing to figure out that a Spanish-speaking site visitor might respond well to customized content based on whether they come from Spain versus Argentina, down to the display of in-country phone numbers and street addresses using local formats. That’s highly valuable and we do it well.

But our technology also enables you to go deeper into regions and localities within a single country. This allows you to serve up highly relevant site content and offers—for example by distinguishing visitors coming from Galicia versus Cataluña within Spain. That kind of granular localization gives tremendous flexibility to regional marketing managers.

The Power of Omnichannel Localization

This approach to translation and localization can work wonders for the regional marketing efforts of travel brands. But it gets even better when it goes beyond static and dynamic website content to address every channel your marketers use.

MotionPoint’s solution makes it just as straightforward to translate email campaigns, mobile-responsive content, multimedia assets, PDFs and just about anything else you want your customers to see—in their own language and tailored to their own needs and interests.

We make it easy to translate emails, multimedia, PDFs and just about anything else you want your customers to see.

Many consumers routinely access travel information via their smartphones and tablets; large numbers of them book their travel that way, too. They also respond very well to tailored offers delivered via email.

Don’t you want to give them the most appealing and relevant information across all the channels they use the most?

Thanks to MotionPoint’s proxy-based translation technology, you can do exactly that, giving your regional marketing managers the flexibility and control they need to easily implement the smartest choices that drive business and customer satisfaction for your hospitality brand.

Last updated on July 08, 2020
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