Tim Y.

October 29, 2010

MotionPoint Showcased In Book By Hispanic Marketing Thought Leader

Tim Y.

October 29, 2010

MotionPoint Corporation, the leading provider of website translation and localization services, was recently featured in the business book Latino Link: Building Brands Online with Hispanic Communities and Content, written by Joe Kutchera, a leading speaker and consultant on reaching Hispanics and Latin Americans online.

The book explores the convergence of several technological and business trends, including the growth of the U.S. Hispanic population and the growth of digital media. Latino Link outlines the unique challenges companies must overcome to successfully engage online Hispanic consumers, and offers case studies on how marketers are growing their businesses domestically and abroad.

As Kutchera conducted research for Latino Link, he contacted leading companies that had forged excellent relationships with their Hispanic customers. The name “MotionPoint” kept emerging throughout those conversations.

“I asked myself, ‘Who are the entrepreneurs that are really seeing these trends and helping companies and marketers do things the right way?’” recalls Kutchera, who is based in New York City. “MotionPoint was definitely at the top of the list.”

Kutchera has more than 11 years of interactive sales and marketing experience, much of which focuses on helping companies create resonant relationships with Spanish-speaking markets. He showcased MotionPoint in several chapters of the book, and interviewed representatives from satisfied MotionPoint clients such as Best Buy and American Family Insurance. He also interviewed Chuck Whiteman, MotionPoint’s Senior Vice President of Client Services.

One important conclusion Kutchera made during his research: “Embracing new market opportunities is the way to go,” he says—something that MotionPoint helps hundreds of companies do every day. “The need for localizing and globalizing your site is truly key (to success in new markets).”

Kutchera, a Milwaukee native, considered writing a book about this compelling trend as far back as 2008 ... but it wasn’t until he attended a panel called “So You Want To Be An Author” at last year’s South By Southwest event that he gathered the gumption to pursue it.

After submitting his book proposal to an editor, Kutchera recalls: “I said to myself, ‘Gosh, now it’d be great if I had some free time to write this book.’ Well, guess what happened?”

The advertising company he worked for, which targeted the Mexican marketplace, slashed jobs due to that country’s economic tailspin during the 2009 swine flu pandemic. Undaunted, Kutchera considered it an excellent opportunity to craft thought leadership articles for such publications as MediaPost.com, and move forward withLatino Link.

“Nine months later after my parents honeymooned in Mexico, I was born in Milwaukee,” he says, laughing, “and nine months after I signed the contract for Latino Link, my book was born.”

The book is published by Paramount Market Publishing, Inc., and is now available for purchase from retailers such as Amazon.com.

Latino Link is a windfall of positive insights, advice, lessons learned and case studies, all designed to help companies effectively connect with Hispanics and Latin Americans. Two such case studies featured MotionPoint clients. Those two compelling testimonials—presented by Jose A. Rivera, Web Experience Manager at American Family Insurance, and Ana Grace, Site Manager, Hispanic Initiatives & Online Catalogs at Best Buy —exemplify what MotionPoint “does right,” Kutchera says.

“The bottom line is exactly what Jose and Ana said in the book,” he explains. “MotionPoint helps get translated sites online in sometimes less than 60 days—and it accepts responsibility for the translations. MotionPoint, as a vendor, really comes to the plate with huge advantages, not to mention how they manage the translations.”

MotionPoint’s Whiteman, who was interviewed for Latino Link, was impressed by Kutchera’s knowledge of the multicultural marketing space, and by how the company was represented in the book.

“I was impressed by Joe’s research and writing, and appreciated the opportunity to share MotionPoint insights with his readers,” Whiteman said. “Latino Link does what so much writing on multi-cultural marketing doesn’t … it uses data to illustrate how this consumer actually behaves online. Best Buy’s research on the importance of parity alone is priceless to those targeting this market.”

For Kutchera, researching and writing Latino Link was “really fun,” he says.

“I got to know a lot of amazing leaders in marketing, and devoured tons of data,” he explains. “You gather all the information, you gather the ideas, you get everything down—and then the hard part begins. The editing.

“It’s like when you’re running a marathon: it’s that last mile that’ll kill you. But at the same time, it’s that last mile that can really define you.”

Learn more about Joe Kutchera and Latino Link —and download a free chapter of the book—at JoeKutchera.com.


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