Top 8 Best Multilingual Marketing Solutions

Global marketing requires knowledge of international markets and linguistic and cultural nuances. Find out how the top multilingual marketing tools can help you succeed.

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December 05, 2023


According to LinkedIn research, companies with multilingual websites increase their conversion rate by an average of 70%. Incorporating website translation into a marketing plan can lead to up to 100% increase in online sales.

Expanding your brand’s reach across borders demands strong international marketing plan, including website translation, content localization, and international branding strategies. Luckily, there’s an array of powerful tools on the market that are waiting to be enlisted in your toolkit.

The Importance of Multilingual Marketing

Multilingual marketing solutions are an essential component of today’s global online business landscape, offering an opportunity to connect businesses with diverse audiences worldwide. Their importance lies in transcending language barriers, which enables brands to communicate effectively and authentically with consumers in their preferred languages.

Using this approach fosters deeper connections by resonating on cultural and emotional levels, which leads to enhanced engagement and trust.

Businesses need to embrace these technologies to not only widen their reach but also demonstrate a profound respect for the diverse identities and preferences of their global audience, driving growth and fostering lasting relationships.

Unfortunately, around 70% of marketers have never translated their corporate website, and if they have they have only done it once. That’s why we’re outlining the best tools for multilingual marketing and website localization.

The Top Tools of 2024

1.    MotionPoint

A leading force in the multilingual marketing space, MotionPoint offers a holistic set of services that help support all your marketing efforts on a global scale. Aside from robust website translation and localization services, you can even translate software, mobile applications, and product experiences. There’s no reason to settle for a provider that doesn’t cover all your basic needs, and MotionPoint makes it their mission to provide unparalleled, concierge-level support to all their clients.

When it comes to more specific marketing efforts, MotionPoint can be used in conjunction with other tools listed below to truly empower your team to connect with a global audience and scale your business.

2.    Hubspot

Hubspot’s suite of global marketing tools encompasses more than website translation functionalities. Its CRM capabilities aid in effectively managing multilingual interactions with a global audience. Besides enhanced customer engagement and targeted local advertising, HubSpot enables content localization and multilingual website management, providing a holistic approach to international marketing strategies.

You can expect enhanced customer engagement, improved targeted local advertising, simplified website content translation, and multilingual website management.

3.    Kontentino

Kontentino is an impressive multilingual marketing solution that helps businesses streamline their social media marketing campaigns and content creation. Teams can effortlessly collaborate on content translation and even schedule posts across several platforms.

With a keen focus on global brand management, Kontentino strengthens your global brand marketing efforts, ensuring messaging coherence across diverse markets to foster your unique brand identity.

4.    WPML WordPress Multilingual Plugin

This plugin simplifies the intricate process of managing multilingual websites on WordPress. Its user-friendly interface allows for seamless website content translation, optimizing user experience across diverse language-speaking audiences. WPML empowers businesses to effortlessly create and manage multilingual websites with ease, supporting their global expansion endeavors from inception.

Many website translation services offer WPML plugins, but the difference is you’ll also get expert support if you opt to work with a concierge-level partner. While you can manage the plugin on your own, there are many benefits to having help managing a multilingual website.

5.    Venngage

Specializing in content translation and localization, Venngage helps businesses effortlessly create and streamline multilingual marketing campaigns. By ensuring consistency and accuracy across a multitude of languages, you can ensure your message resonates with customers all over the world. Beyond facilitating multilingual marketing campaigns, its interface offers intuitive design tools, enabling businesses to create visually appealing content.

6.    Answer the Public

This platform is intended to help businesses improve their content strategy by addressing the questions people are asking in different global regions. With this extra level of insight, you can tailor content to specific preferences and resonate with a diverse audience.

When you use Answer the Public, you can optimize website content translation based on local search queries, which boosts your multilingual SEO and helps drive more traffic to your website. You can also use these insights to better target your email marketing efforts and other forms of outreach.

7.    Synthesia

If you want to up your content creation game, consider using Synthesia—an AI-powered video creation tool with multilingual video content production features. By seamlessly integrating multiple languages into video content, Synthesia transcends traditional language barriers, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to resonate with global audiences.

This tool not only contributes to international branding initiatives but also facilitates local advertising strategies. The power to tailor videos to various languages and cultures ensures that promotional content remains culturally relevant, resonating deeply with local audiences and amplifying the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in different regions.

8.    Chatfuel

As the name might suggest, Chatfuel is a multilingual, AI-powered chatbot solution that facilitates personalized interactions with customers in their language of choice. Basic chatbot programs often lack the ability to communicate effectively with a global customer base.

Multilingual chatbot support doesn’t just add to a seamless customer experience, but it encourages engagement and will lead you to discover more insights about your target audience and market changes. Communication is key in so many areas of life, and it’s the front line of your business, so it’s crucial that you have a strategy in place to make your audience feel connected to your company and its products or services.

The Choice is Clear

With so many tools to choose from, it can feel overwhelming at first, but the best option will offer an array of services provided by experts in multilingual marketing and international trends.

The most crucial aspect of your decision is finding a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing business model. Using industry-leading technology and human expertise, MotionPoint stands out above the rest.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can get started for free! Reach new markets while saving $10,000 on set up fees and initial conversion costs.

Last updated on December 05, 2023
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