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Touchdown! Super Bowl Pizza Orders Increase Among Hispanics

MotionPoint's analysts examined U.S. Hispanic online pizza sales made during the big game. They're on the rise ... but did they beat last year's sales?

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Chris Hutchins

February 09, 2016


Last week, we published an infographic showcasing online pizza sales generated by Spanish-speaking Hispanics during the Super Bowl. The graphic featured Hispanic sales data from 2015.

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for the NFL—and for pizza delivery chains, too. But unlike in years past, 2015’s Super Bowl wasn’t the No. 1 day for Hispanic online pizza orders.

In fact, it didn’t even come close. Entertainment events and holidays such as the Academy Awards and Halloween generated more Hispanic online pizza sales than 2015’s Super Bowl. Scandalous!

With this year’s big game behind us, how did Super Bowl 50 compare to 2015’s game in terms of online pizza sales among Hispanics? The Broncos weren’t the only winners on Sunday: Super Bowl sales were through the roof once more, deftly beating Super Bowl XLIX.

Some key findings:

  • Transactions were up 59%
  • Revenue was up 66%
  • Average Order Value grew 5% to $28.10

Some pizza chains fared better than others. The best Super Bowl performance we saw among them was:

  • Transactions were up 92%
  • Revenue was up 107%
  • Average Order Value grew by 8%

In fact, Hispanic online pizza sales on Super Bowl Sunday also crushed all other best-selling days of 2015. Here’s how Super Bowl Sunday compared to other key 2015 holidays and events:

  • Vs. Valentine’s Day: 190% more revenue, 176% more transactions
  • Vs. New Year’s Eve: 228% more revenue, 230% more transactions
  • Vs. Halloween: 35% higher revenue, 27% more transactions
  • Vs. Academy Awards: 80% higher revenue, 56% more transactions
  • Vs. Nov. 21 (the highest performing day in 2015): 12% more revenue, 7% more transactions

Unless the Academy Awards rally later this month and generate more orders than last Sunday, the Super Bowl will likely maintain its top-selling spot for 2016. Now that’s a comeback story! Touchdown!

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