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Your Guide to Finding a Best-in-Class Website Translation Solution

Localization preserves your organization’s relevance within your diverse community. It increases market share and improves customer satisfaction, too.

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July 29, 2020



  • As communities become increasingly diverse, website and digital-content translation is more important than ever
  • Unfortunately, most localization solutions generate unanticipated IT effort, operational complexity and high translation costs
  • MotionPoint’s fundamentally different approach eliminates these problems with industry-leading technology and efficient processes
  • MotionPoint’s solution is optimized for resource-conscious organizations serving multilingual customers and partners


More than ever, companies understand the vital need for clear, fast, empathetic and absolutely accurate communication with customers and staff. This critical need extends to their multilingual constituents, too.

As populations in the U.S. and other markets continue to diversify— and as multilingual users increasingly expect (and deserve) localized user experiences—providing product and services content in customers’ and partners’ preferred languages is more important than ever.

While many organizations often offer bilingual customer support phone staff and localized documentation for their customers, far fewer offer localized experiences in online and other digital channels. This essential content includes:

  • Websites and secure customer & staff portals
  • Social media posts
  • Educational multimedia material
  • Self-serve customer support content
  • Digital forms, and more

Companies often look to third-party technologies or vendors to localize this content, but most solutions are technically complicated, costly or wildly inefficient. In fact, these solutions shift nearly all of the management, technical integration and ongoing translation tasks onto their customers, which generates unexpected costs and delays in the long run.

This is why it’s vital to find the right technology solution for localizing your organization’s digital experience. Here’s a quick look at many of these translation solutions, and a close examination of MotionPoint’s fundamentally different—and better—effortless approach.

Website Localization 101

In the hands of most vendors, the reality of website translation falls disappointingly short of its potential. Their solutions are far more costly and complicated than their customers—and often, the vendors themselves—ever anticipate.

Multilingual CMSs

Multilingual CMSs efficiently manage localized instances of websites, but don’t manage the actual translation process itself. This heaps tricky workflows—including collecting content for translation and overseeing the entire translation process—on to the CMS’s customers. (This article offers more info on the limitations of multilingual CMSs.)

Traditional Translation Vendors

These companies often don’t have the expertise, insight and proper technologies to adapt to the unique demands of website translation. This often results in a poor localized UX, workflows that require significant customer involvement, and high translation costs. (This article reveals why most vendors can’t effectively translate digital content.)

Undercooked ‘Proxy’ Solutions

Some vendors provide special proxy technology for localizing websites as a SaaS solution, but shift all IT integration, translation and ongoing management to the customer. Even vendors that provide both proxy technology and translation services create extra effort and costs for customers since their offerings aren’t robust enough to handle modern, complex website technologies. (This article provides more details.)

CMS Connectors

Connectors address the shortcomings of multilingual CMSs by simplifying the process of exporting website content for translation. But in the hands of most vendors, connectors are expensive to acquire, require upkeep and have limited functionality. (This article offers more details on the unseen challenges of connectors.)

Translation APIs

APIs empower organizations to customize integrations between their databases of translated content and numerous digital platforms, such as CMSs, social media, syndicated product feeds and more. However, APIs require IT resources to configure, install and maintain.

MotionPoint’s Approach

It’s obvious that these approaches are too costly or effort-intensive for most organizations, especially since most industries continually seek ways to eliminate costs, “go lean,” and maximize the efficiency of existing resources.

MotionPoint’s solution is ideal for resource-conscious organizations. We translate and optimize the world’s most important websites, mobile apps, web applications and omnichannel content—all with minimal effort required from our customers.

At its simplest, our flexible solution:

  • Automatically identifies and collects translatable content from your origin website on an ongoing basis, with no effort required by you
  • Automatically leverages your origin site’s structured code in ways that preserve its UX, design and functionality on your translated site, with no ongoing effort required from your IT team
  • Enhances the business performance of your localized site with CX, UX and SEO optimizations

Our technology is the most robust, technically mature proxy solution on the market. In fact, we pioneered this ultra-efficient and cost-effective approach to website translation nearly 20 years ago.

Our solution continually translates your website and digital content with ISO-certified processes, and displays the proper localized website when a visitor wants to see it:

Unlike other technology solutions, MotionPoint:

We dramatically reduce the cost of standing up and continuously operating multilingual sites, and—since we ensure an excellent localized UX and radically accelerate speed-to-market—eliminate the opportunity costs of serving multilingual customers, too.

Our hands-free approach also extends to the continual detection, translation and publication of your multilingual content. We provide all personnel, processes and technologies.

Other Differentiators

MotionPoint’s value extends far beyond its effortless implementation and ongoing operation. Here are some of the other ways our solution offers airtight security, dramatically reduces translation costs and helps increase patient satisfaction.


MotionPoint safeguards the privacy of your patients, partners and employees.

  • Simple, easy-to-implement customizations ensure that our solution doesn’t access, or store, any personally identifiable information
  • We also support industry-recommended methods that rely on secure encryption protocols for transmitting data on your behalf

Our solution is compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS and other rigorous data protection standards.

Works with single-page applications

Many healthcare websites use complex web applications that analyze users’ behavior to serve up personalized content such as coverage or care options, personal medical information and more.

These apps are powered by complicated frameworks that are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to localize with other translation solutions.

MotionPoint’s solution efficiently parses translatable text from these applications while preserving their framework logic. After translation, we elegantly reintegrate the localized content back into the applications, ensuring a perfectly functioning, seamlessly localized interactive experience.

Continuous cost savings

Translation memory is a database that contains every phrase that’s been translated for a localized website (and other digital content). MotionPoint uses this technology in savvy ways to reduce translation costs on an ongoing basis.

MotionPoint’s solution knows where these phrases appear throughout your localized website, and automatically populates the translations everywhere they appear—perhaps even thousands of times—at no additional cost to you. This smart re-use of existing translations eliminates costs associated with new content translation.

This article provides more information about translation memory.

Continuous change detection

Our technology automatically detects the ongoing content updates that occur on your origin website and immediate assigns it for translation. This change-detection algorithm and parsing technology leads the industry, finding content in many digital “nooks and crannies” that other solutions can’t.

This article provides a closer look at this groundbreaking technology.

Responsive translation of external content

Unlike other solutions, MotionPoint can effortlessly detect and translate third-party content, graphics, multimedia and dynamic content. This ensures a perfectly localized UX at every touchpoint in the user experience.

Independent functionality

MotionPoint’s solution doesn’t replace your CMS; it expands its effectiveness. You can increase investments in your current CMS, or switch platforms altogether, without it impacting the performance of your multilingual site.

Speed to market

MotionPoint’s solution can get your localized websites—in as many languages as you need, for as many markets as you need, in as many channels as you need—up and running in as little as 30 days. We typically localize new online content in one business day. Here’s a look at our efficient translation process.

And much more

In addition to our comprehensive end-to-end solution, MotionPoint also offers:

  • CMS connector and API capabilities to accommodate customers’ unique and diverse translation needs
  • Flexible translation options that leverage human linguists, neural machine translation, or a combination of both
  • Capabilities to localize content in all channels, including secure user portals, mobile applications, social media, PIM content, in-store kiosks and more


Serving your multilingual patients and partners in the languages they prefer is just as important to your business as any other key marketing initiative. Our approach helps increase your organization’s reach and relevance within thriving multilingual markets.

As you examine the marketplace for website localization vendors, consider a solution like MotionPoint’s. We combine technical solutions with human expertise to offer a platform-independent, practically effortless way to manage your localized sites and other content on a continual basis.

Last updated on July 29, 2020
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