Tim Y.

November 21, 2007

Fully 98 Percent of Clients Would Recommend MotionPoint to Peers

Tim Y.

November 21, 2007

MotionPoint’s clients have spoken, the numbers have been tallied, and the results are clear: the Website Language Management (WLM) company is impressing the heck out of its customers. With 98 percent of clients reporting that they’d recommend MotionPoint to a peer, the testimony furthers the South Florida-based company’s position as the leader in website translation.

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted by an independent marketing company in early 2007, MotionPoint excels in every aspect of client interaction, from sales to deployment. MotionPoint’s Sales and Client Services teams particularly shine at educating and supporting clients during the website translation process, the survey said.

MotionPoint is doing a great job of telling its story and helping its clients-to-be. Ninety-two percent of our clients were satisfied with the explanatory quality of MotionPoint’s literature during the pre-sale cycle—as evidenced by the fact that 96 percent of the respondents understood the sales presentation. During the sales cycle itself, MotionPoint’s sales team scored 90+ percent satisfaction ratings in these categories: availability for client discussions/questions, the explanation of the technology/translation process, the understanding of unique challenges on the clients’ end and providing assistance to client during the internal buying process.

MotionPoint’s Client Services department also received exceptional satisfaction ratings in assisting companies during the multi-lingual website conversion process. The team scored nearly-90 percent satisfaction in: formal post-sale production “launch calls”,the overall delivery and deployment process, and problem resolution.

Said one client of the MotionPoint experience: “My contacts at MotionPoint have consistently and creatively provided options to help alleviate … challenges, and I cannot say enough positive things about our dealings with them.” Another respondent added: “I’ve been very impressed with every MotionPoint employee I’ve dealt with.”

Sixty-four percent of MotionPoint’s client base replied to the 2007 survey. At the time of the survey, all of the clients’ multi-lingual sites were delivered, live and viewable to the public. The survey was released in June 2007 by Clientize, a South Florida-based independent marketing firm.

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