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Infographic: Sky-High Stats for Travelling Hispanics

A new MotionPoint infographic illustrates how airlines can greatly boost engagement and ticket sales by launching localized mobile websites.

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Chris Hutchins

February 01, 2016


U.S. Hispanics are vacationing more than ever ... and are increasingly traveling by air to reach their holiday destinations.

This creates a compelling opportunity for airlines, especially those hungry to engage this influential market with Spanish-language mobile sites. About 75% of Hispanics speak Spanish at home, and many prefer to transact in Spanish via their mobile devices.

MotionPoint—a global technology solutions company that powers new market growth for clients though the use of intelligent applications, big data, and expert services to localize, translate and optimize websites—recently helped JetBlue do just that. JetBlue experienced a stratospheric surge in mobile traffic, conversion and revenue.

Learn more in this infographic:

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