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Translating Your B2B Website for Spanish-Speaking Business Owners

Hispanic-owned businesses are a significant segment of the U.S. market. Tap that lucrative, growing B2B sector by translating your website into Spanish.

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April 27, 2018


When it comes to offering web content, B2B companies often overlook a significant, growing segment of the U.S. economy: Hispanic-owned businesses.

Right now, Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. are increasing at more than twice the growth rate of U.S. businesses as a whole. The entrepreneurs who run these companies are usually fluent in Spanish and often prefer to conduct business in Spanish.

Hispanic-owned businesses are increasing at more than twice the growth rate of U.S. businesses as a whole.

Yet online B2B content isn’t translated into Spanish as often as you’d think … which means these powerful, dynamic business owners are being underserved. Savvy B2B businesses can capitalize on this opportunity and grow their domestic reach by offering web content in Spanish.

The Opportunity

Hispanic entrepreneurs in the U.S. today share three key traits:

Positive Economic Outlook

These days, Hispanic business owners are bullish on growing their companies. This is partly why they’re seeing far greater growth compared to the overall U.S. market. They want to expand and see more revenue—and they’re going after what they want.

Commitment to Culture

Most Hispanics consider maintaining fluency in Spanish to be culturally important for future generations. Hispanic business owners are no different. They maintain their bilingual skills to preserve their heritage as well as to effectively serve Spanish-language customers.

Investment in Technology

Like the average consumer, Hispanic B2B buyers prefer going online to research products, services and solutions. Ninety percent of B2B buyers say online content has “a moderate to major” effect on purchasing decisions. And they’re tech savvy too, using digital tools to do business at a rate of 93%. Their non-Hispanic peers lag behind at 73%.

Hispanic B2B buyers prefer going online to research products, services and solutions.

These three qualities make Hispanic business owners unique, and mean that they’ll naturally gravitate toward businesses that demonstrate an understanding of their market. For many, a strictly English-language website may not meet their needs.

Offer a World-Class Web Experience in Spanish

Remember, much of the U.S. B2B market still hasn’t caught on to what the savviest B2C businesses have realized: Hispanics in the U.S. want to consume Spanish content online.

B2B companies that offer a stellar online experience for Hispanic business owners have a clear advantage over their competitors who aren’t. Keep in mind:

  • As one of the few B2B organizations serving Hispanic business owners in Spanish as well as English, you’re more likely to be noticed.
  • Keyword bids and pay-per-click rates will cost less because the Spanish-speaking B2B marketplace isn’t as crowded as English-language B2B.
  • You’ll also pay less for social advertising and sponsored content, because the Spanish-language market is still largely underserved.

Most of the U.S. B2B market hasn’t caught on to what B2C businesses have known for years.

Tips for Translating Your Site

Fortunately, offering online content to Hispanic B2B buyers doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. You can provide persuasive Spanish-language content to serve the lucrative Hispanic-owned business market by leveraging the existing content and coded structure of your flagship English-language site.

You can save time and money by choosing a solution that:

  • Runs independently of your website’s CMS, leveraging your existing content without jeopardizing your flagship site’s user experience and functionality
  • Eases and speeds up the translation process by using workflows and technologies that automatically identify and schedule new content for translation
  • Optimizes your Spanish site for online search by translating its nitty-gritty content, including keywords likely to be used by Spanish-language searchers, hreflang tags, and metadata
  • Enables you to reuse translated content in as many digital and offline channels you wish, for as long as you wish—at no additional cost

Fortunately, localizing your online content for Hispanic B2B buyers doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

The Bottom Line

B2B businesses that position themselves to reach successful, fast-moving, digitally savvy Hispanic entrepreneurs will have a powerful opportunity to grow their business reach within the U.S. B2B business market.

Leverage that opportunity with a great website localization solution that maximizes your existing English language site, while easing operational complexities and costs.

Last updated on April 27, 2018
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