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The ‘101’ Series: The Need-To-Know About International SEO

If you’re new to website translation, check out these blog posts to get educated, fast.

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May 27, 2020


If your website isn’t optimized for organic search in global markets, you’re blowing a big opportunity. As you move forward with your website translation project, make sure your online content is positioned to be found by the audience you want to reach.

If you’re new to website translation—or are working with an agency that can’t properly localize your site’s under-the-hood SEO content—check out these 10 blog posts to get educated, fast:

Is Your Translation Agency SEO Focused?

Localizing your website’s on-page content helps with SEO. But to supercharge it, you must translate lots of behind-the-scenes content, too. Can your current translation agency detect and localize that stuff? Find out in this post.

5 Ways to Optimize Multilingual Websites for Better Engagement and Conversion

Great SEO and UX can transform your global customers’ interest into action, and then into conversions. But you must optimize your localized sites in powerful ways to win their business. Learn how in this post.

Why Full Website Translation Is Critical For Global Markets

If important sections of your website aren’t translated for global markets—or if an undercooked web translation solution isn’t finding all your content to translate—your international customers may bounce. Find out why in this post.

International Customers Expect Translated Websites. Are You Letting Them Down?

When you don’t translate your website for global markets, you sabotage its SEO—which wrecks its discoverability in organic search. Learn how to meet your global customers where they’re searching online in this post.

Website Translation Accelerates Cross-Border Sales and Growth

Localizing your website isn’t just good marketing—it boosts global sales and growth in meaningful ways. Learn why translating your site and its SEO-rich content is great for cross-border business in this post.

Optimizing Your Translated Websites For Global Success

By holistically addressing every aspect of your translated website’s UX, including its SEO, you increase the odds of global visitors becoming repeat customers. Learn which UX features demand the most attention in this post.

Brands Boost Market Share When They Localize Transactional Websites

Serving global markets with localized transactional websites is a smart business move—but there’s plenty you might not know about the process. Check out this post for best practices that can help you get discovered by your global customers.

Maximizing Impact and Performance in Global Markets

Every part of your international marketing effort should be customized to resonate within your global markets, including your website. Learn why halfhearted, mixed-language websites negatively affect SEO in this post.

‘Cultural Fluency’ Transforms Site Visitors Into Customers

How can your website authentically reflect the regional lingo and beliefs of your global markets—and how do efforts enhance your global SEO? Learn why it’s so important for your website to “speak like a local” in this post.

Website Translation Helps B2B Companies, Marketers

B2B marketers often run a lean team—and are always to do more with less. One way to maximize the value of your translated website is to leverage it for customers and internal teams, too. Discover ways to get the most from your translations in this post.

Last updated on May 27, 2020
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