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10 Ways to Generate Value, Impact and Results with Website and Digital Content Translation

Get smart on the challenges of online localization—and how to elegantly sidestep them—in these great posts from Q2.

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November 13, 2019


For companies expanding into new international markets, localizing your buyer and customer journeys isn’t a “nice to have”—is essential for business success. Providing translated websites, secure login experiences and omnichannel content is vital for engaging customers all around the world.

To quickly bring you up to speed on the value of digital translation, we’ve compiled the 10 most valuable posts published on our blog during Q2 2019. Take a look.

1: What Happens When Bad Translation Happens to Good Companies?

Although the outcomes can be unintentionally humorous, mistranslations can alienate customers, do serious damage to a brand’s brand image ultimately and affect a company’s bottom line. Read about some costly mistranslations—and how to avoid them—in this post.

2: 8 Challenges Facing Lean Global Marketing Teams

Increasingly, marketing teams are asked to do more with less. In this post, we share tips on how you can overcome the challenges that come with running a lean marketing team—and how to maximize the impact of your limited resources.

3: 9 Tips for Choosing a Great Website & Omnichannel Translation Vendor

It’s critical to choose a translation vendor that understands your company’s brand and prioritizes its unique needs. This post shares nine tips to ensure you’re choosing the best solution for your growing company.

4: How to Reduce the Cost of a Website Redesign and Localization Project

It’s a tricky balance when companies want to control costs while still ensuring that thier digital customer experiences keep up with customer expectations around the world. Read about the cost benefits of combining and tackling a localization project with your next website redesign in this post.

5: Standardization vs. Customization: Striking the Right Balance (Part 1)

Is it better to use a standardized marketing approach when serving many global markets, or will a highly customized approach resonate more with local buyers? We provide a full breakdown and the pros and cons of these two methods in this post.

6: Standardization vs. Customization: Striking the Right Balance (Part 2)

How do you balance the practicality of an internationally standardized approach to marketing and content while also prioritizing a localized CX and engagement? We help you thread the needle in this blog post.

7: Improve Discoverability in Global Markets with Multilingual SEO

Investing in multilingual SEO can generate a meaningful and positive impact on your company’s engagement with international online customers. Read this blog post to learn more about SEO best practices.

8: Website and Multichannel Translation for a Hyperconnected World

A quality translatable website and digital customer experience goes beyond simply translating a site’s HTML text. Learn how companies are improving their global sites to better serve international customers in this post.

9: MotionPoint’s Industry-Leading Approach to Translating Images & Graphics

Companies often overlook the importance of localizing website images that have translated text embedded within their JPG and PNG files. However, translating this content takes an international website’s UX to the next level. Discover MotionPoint’s innovative approach to localizing images in this post.

10: World-Class Translations, World-Class Customer Support

Implementing and maintaining a localized website is turn-key and effort-free with MotionPoint’s innovative solution. This post shares how our Customer Support team delivers our customers a world-class experience as they engage customers around the world.

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