300m Indian Citizens are Now Online, but 2/3 are Unserved
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300m Indian Citizens are Now Online, but 2/3 are Unserved

India has the second-largest online population in the world, but two-thirds of its consumers can't read most online content. But there is a solution...


The Internet adoption rate in India is astonishing. According to recently-released statistics from the Internet & Mobile Association of India, 100 million new Indians moved online in the past two years, bringing the country’s total online population to 302 million. India now has the second-largest online population in the world. (China holds the No. 1 spot.)

There’s a big problem facing this growing market, however. Nearly all of the world’s websites catering to these citizens are presented in English. But two-thirds of these consumers cannot read English. The number of unserved Indians online is now in the hundreds of millions.

Before long, “India is going to get to 500 million Internet users,” a source told Bloomberg Businessweek, “but 300 million are not going to be proficient in English.”

English is familiar to middle-class urban Indians, but most citizens speak & read only regional languages such as Hindi. To actually connect & communicate with this thriving (and increasingly influential) market, companies must create localized online experiences in languages Indian residents can actually consume and understand.

Global-savvy companies are taking strides to build localized websites for the Indian market. Is yours? MotionPoint’s platform helps companies connect with – and succeed in – new international markets, in those markets’ preferred languages. Including Hindi. And Tamil. And Gujarati.

To learn more about the challenges non-English-speaking Indians now face online, check out this Bloomberg Businessweek story.


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