Tim Y.

April 14, 2011

Websites Must Speak 16 Languages To Go Global

Tim Y.

April 14, 2011

How many languages do you think your website needs to “speak” to reach a global audience? According to a recent report by Common Sense Advisory, if your brand is to achieve a truly global reach in our online world, your website must “speak” more than 16 languages.

The report, “The Top Scoring Global Websites,” looked at a long list of global brand’s websites and rated them for a wide range of accessibility scores, including poly-lingual skills. Some of the sites that scored the highest are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Samsung, and Blackberry.

The number of languages that are necessary to reach a global audience may come as a surprise. Common Sense Advisory determined that sites that use 11 languages reach only 80% of the world, and single language sites typically capture just 25% of the world’s internet users.

This report clearly shows that if a company wants to appeal to a global audience, achieving global sales of products and services, it ought to support that strategy with a website that is translated and tailored for more than just a handful of markets.

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